This book is more than your cosmetic code breaker - it's a complete expose of the toxicity of chemicals in common skin care, cosmetics and household cleaning products found in Australian homes. It highlights the lack of accountability of the manufacturers and the complicity and self-interest of Government in refusing to regulate dangerous common chemicals.

As Kevin Farrow shows in SKIN DEEP the chemicals contained in widely-used beauty products such asmoisturisers, shampoos, nailpolish, deodorant, fragrances, eye-shadow and lipstick have been show to be variously toxic, carcinogenic or to induce skin irritations and allergies.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the lack of regulation in the manufacturing of many of our everyday products. The drive is underway to increase accountability.

Just who does monitor the safety or otherwise of cosmetic and cleaning products? - the terrifying answer is no-one!

As shown by the response to the program done on SKIN DEEP by Channel 7 in the TODAY TONIGHT show in mid April, 2002, this question and the controversial answers covered in this book are a contemporary concern of many 1000's of Australians.

Here, then, is your guide to making informed consumer choices!


SKIN DEEP includes:

A detailed list of common chemical ingredients - their source, use and effects on your body
A list of recommended non-toxic products
A selection of recipes for homemade chemical-free products


Kevin Farrow has over 20 years experience working in alternative health, natural products and aromatherapy. His background in natural hair and skincare formulation has given him a unique perspective on the chemicals that come into our daily lives. He has consulted on natural product formulations to aromatherapy and skincare companies, chemist chains and department stores. He is currently based in Sydney where he runs The Natural Alchemist, a specialty natural skincare, hair care and essential oil shop in Balmain.

For more information contact:

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